About Dibrova Foods…

We began our journey in 1994 in the San Francisco Bay Area where we opened our first sausage plant. Though we started with traditional German-style pork sausages, we soon began to realize that there were many sausage lovers like us who longed for more natural, nutritionally-friendly varieties that were still full of flavor, satisfying, beautiful to the eye and affordable.
We experimented with different combinations of poultry, vegetables, fruits,  spices and wines.  While some combinations were good in theory, others were just plain good.  We tested them on our friends, on our neighbors and on our kids and began to realize that if you have fresh, simple, high-quality ingredients and if your spices enhance but don’t overpower those ingredients, well, you’ll have something pretty tasty!   Being young parents, we valued the versatility of sausages and the convenience of having them sold already fully cooked.  We tried hard to keep them affordable in comparison with other gourmet sausage brands.
In 1998 we relocated to the Central California Valley town of Lodi.  We’ve expanded our poultry line a bit over the years and gone all natural.  We even added back some traditional pork sausages, but this time around, they were much more lean.  Advances is processing also allowed us to cut our nitrite usage in half.  We hope to go all natural with our pork sausages very soon.  We still smoke our sausages over hardwood chips and seek out the best natural ingredients.
We’ve never been a fancy, big-name-chef sausage company (we’ll leave that to someone else), but we do know what tastes good and that’s really what it comes down to, doesn’t it? 
Flavor.  Freshness.  Nutrition.  Value.   It’s what we believe in and what you’ll taste in every bite of Dibrova Sausages.