Dibrova Foods, Inc.

Dibrova Foods understands that ultimately it is we who must sell our product to your customers. We offer various practical, effective and proven store marketing and product sampling supports which we aggressively pursue.

We are a Full Service Direct Service Delivery (DSD) supplier:

We set delivery frequency tailored to your needs.
We provide 100% product guarantee – if you don’t sell it by the expiration date, we will give you instant credit.
No large minimums like big wholesalers.

In addition, we provide:

In-store product demos, at our cost, providing the customer with a visual concept of how to grill our sausages as well as a side-by-side taste comparison of our various flavors. Serving suggestions and recipe idea cards are also provided.
Support of your in-house store demos, by providing free product for sampling.
Providing ad and demo support every six months in each store.
Providing marketing materials, practical serving suggestions and seasonal recipe ideas.